Gamirasa Spices

About Us

Gamirasa Food Product (Pvt) Ltd, was establised in Sri Lanka on the year 2012 by Mr.   P.K.T.P. Sanjeewa. The business was carried out as a small scale business with few
employees at his own premises. In the initial stages, only wholesale trade activities   were carried out and sell products to government institute and hotels. Then the business    grew gradually and successfully now which is very famous as ‘Gamirasa Food Products  (Pvt.) Ltd’. We are engaged in manufacturing and marketing of spices and allied   products over eight years. The business was   expanded step by step by introducing   various products and new technology. Gamirasa food products has a vision to expand   its product portfolio and expand the distribution network.


“Our first and foremost goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering high quality
products and professional integrity and thereby to reward our employees to gain self-
satisfaction as a team player, while focusing on stakeholder’s growth and ensuring
sustainable development of the community.”


“To be the market leader of the spices industry in terms of quality and volume”.

Who Are We

Gamirasa Food Products (Pvt) Ltd Was Established In The Year 2012 At Horana,  Kaluthara District With The Help Of a Few Employees. Year By Year We Developed The Quality And Quantity Of Our Product Range And Now Our Brand Name Has Become One Of The Most Popular Brand In The Local And Foreign Markets. We Produce The Highest Quality Products To The Market At A Reasonable Price. We Pursue the Highest Qualities For Our  Products, Services, And Operations To Attain The Highest Levels Of Customer Satisfaction  And Social Value.   One Of The Main Reasons For Building Our Company’s Reputation Is That We Provide High   Quality And Healthy Processed Products To The Customers. This Is The Reason That
Customers To Buy Our Product In Long Run.

The Most Valuable Asset Of Our Company Is The Employee. Our Success Would Not Be Possible Without The Contribution Of Our Customers And Dedicated Employees Who Have  Shared In Our Growth And Will Remain Going Forward. We Look Forward To Continuing To
Serve And Support All Of You In Our Efforts To Exceed Expectations.
The Secret Behind The Successful Story Of The Company Is The Dedication And   Commitment Of The Management And The Employees At All Levels To Manufacture the Highest  Quality Products  Finally, I Would To Thank You For Visiting Our Website.